Masref is on a mission to enable everyone, everywhere save money securely.
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Why Masref
If you live in Lebanon, you know the struggles of dealing with a broken banking industry

Hidden fees, unreasonable withdrawal limits, fluctuating exchange rates, rising inflation, never-ending delays to access your own money - the list goes on
You deserve better
What We Do
Masref is on a mission to build the future of global financial inclusion Starting this year, Masref will let you
Get a free USD account in Switzerland
Access your account from your phone
Send, receive, and track your money
Ensure security with our software
Keep your money some place safe No one will touch the money you put in your account. We don't invest your money. We do not lend your money. It will be safely stored in your Swiss account until you are ready to use it.
Send money to friends and family anywhere, anytime Living in Beirut but need to send money to a friend in New York or a sister in London? Not a problem. Ask them for their bank details and you can easily send an international wire transfer through Masref's mobile app.
Shop online with Masref Having trouble getting a Netflix account or can't access Spotify with your traditional bank account? Use Masref to avoid unnecessary hurdles online.
Travel with Masref Whether you're going on holiday for a few months or studying abroad for a few weeks, access your Masref account wherever you are through our mobile app.
Who We Are
Amer I'm Amer, a Syrian-born governance, policy, and finance expert and the CEO of Masref. Before starting Masref, I co-founded award-winning international companies, built properties in Europe, and advised clients ranging from government authorities to a Premier League FC. I attended the University of Oxford where I earned two master's degrees. I'm now on a mission to revolutionize the way people save in distressed economies.
Edward I'm Edward. I'm an entrepreneur from Singapore and the Chief Financial Officer of Masref. Before joining the team, I started Givfunds, an impact fund which provides low-cost loans to social enterprises in Asia. Like Amer, I also attended the University of Oxford, where I earned two degrees, including an MBA. My next goal is to make safe and secure financial services accessible to everyone, everywhere with Masref.
Abdallah I'm Abdallah and I'm the Chief Technology Officer here at Masref. Originally from Palestine, I hold two degrees in computer science from Stanford. I went on to work for big tech companies like Microsoft and successful start-ups like Robinhood before moving to the UK to attend the University of Oxford. With Masref, I'm now working on building the future of global financial inclusion.
Let's build a financially inclusive world together. Curious about what we're building?